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Work done by Lynne Jeffrey
Many files removed from Canadian vertical files:
R v Allli (1996)
Chaplick, Nancy "An update on employemnt benefits for same-sex spouses," (1997)
Regina v Ariadne Developments Ltd, (1974)
Regina v Atkinson, Ing and Roberts, (19780
Her Majesty the Queen v James Andrew Vella, Gordon Erhardt, et al, [Back Door Gym and Sauna] (1984) - common bawdy house
Regina v Baney. 1971
R v Betesh et al ; Transcript of Crown's initial address to jury in Emanuel Jaques case, 1977?
R v Butler (Group Against Pornography), (1989, 1990, 1992)
R v Bishop, (1970) - gross indecency
Her Majessty the Queen v Robert Buzzanga and Jean Wilfred Durocher (1979), "promoting hatred against an identifiable group [French Canadians]"
Regina v Cullen (1975) - gross indecency
Regina v Dudak (1978) - soliciting
Rex v Etienne Benjamin Deschauffours (1726) [Born: 1690, Viviers, France Died: May 24, 1726, Paris, France] - crime of sodomy and other "sins against nature"
Gilles Fontaine and Canadian Pacific Ltd and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (1989) - HIV status
Her Majesty the Queen and David John Foreman [worked at U of T Archives and Dora Hood's Bookroom] and [Ryerson Polytechnical student] Robert Marl Schisler (1977) - wilful damage and postering: Oscar Wilde image with text "Anita Bryant's Anti-Gay Crusade"
Joseph Girard v Robert Millor and Francis Purkins (1816) - sexual battery
Her Majesty the Queen v John Bruce Scythes, Thomas Frank Ivison and Glad Day Bookshop (1993)
Regina v Glynn (1977) - homosexual murder
Halm v Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration) (1995) - inadmissible persons
Re Han and Deputy Minister for Customs and Excise (1972) "immoral or indecent goods"
Her Majesty the Queen and Kenneth David Popert, Edward Arthur Jackson, Gerald Campbell Hannon and Pink Triangle Press (1979, 1980)
Regina v Pink Triangle Press et al (1979, 1980)
Regina v Harrison (1973) - possession of obscene film
Regina v Isaacs' Gallery Ltd (1975) - exhibiting disgusting object
R v Jewell ; R v Gramlick (1995) - possession of obscene material
Regina v Johnson (1972) - immoral performance
Claim by Robert Joseph Lajeunesse (Criminal Injuries Compensation Board) (1976) - attack in laneway behind St Charles Tavern
Regina v Laliberte; Regina v Lizotte et al, (1973) - common bawdy house
R v Lee (1971) - possession of obscene material
R v Locke (1981) - unlawful confinement (sexual; juvenile)
R v M (C) (1995) - anal intercourse
Re Marquis Video Corp and the Queen; Re Times Square Book Store and the Queen (1984) - obscene material
Regina v McFall et al (1975) - possession of obscene films
286880 Ontario Ltd v Parke et al (1974) - operating private film club (Cinema Blue Film Club)
Regina v Patterson (1972) - soliciting for the purpose of prostitution (male)
Regina v Pisces Health Spa Ltd (Alberta) (1981) - keeping a common bawdy-house
Regina v Pottle (1978) - indecent assault on young boy
Regina v Roestad (1971) - dangerous sexual offender
Re Regina v Johnson and Franklin Wholesale Distributors Ltd (1971; 1973) - distributors of obscene material
R v Robinson (1988) - buggery
R v Roy (1998) - anal intercourse and sexual offences
Supreme Court of the United States: Robert Eli Stanley v State of Georgia (1968) - possession of obscene material
Regina v Sudbury News Service, (1978) - distributing obscene material
Regina v Verrette, (1978) - nude in a public place
Re Weller (no.2), (1974) - importation of immoral or indecent items
Re Winkler and Deputry Minister of National Revenue for Customs and Excise, (1973) - importation of immoral or indecent books
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